Faith and Heritage Program

September 22, 2017


Dear Parents and Guardians,


We are currently registering the children of the parish for this year’s religious education program (Faith and Heritage Classes, Grades K-8).  While we are grateful that the many Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of St. Louis accept our children into their schools, the education does not include instruction about the Maronite Church – our Liturgy and our Spirituality.  Therefore, all children of the parish should be part of our education program whether in public, Catholic or other private schools.


Thanks to all our volunteer teachers for this year:

Effie Westphal

Shelly Vitale

Joan Rask

Susan DuBois

Elssy Kevorkian

Adult Christian Formation: Deacon Lou Peters

Bible Study at homes: Fr. John Nahal


Classes will meet on Sunday at 10 o’clock (until 10:45am). Registration form.  I know that this time is a sacrifice for some, but your children are worth the extra effort.  Coffee will be available in the hall for parents during this same time.  We will also have an adult program for any parents (and for all adult parishioners) during the time when the children have their classes. Topics for adults will include Maronite History, Liturgy, Spirituality and some Bible study as well.  Other topics are also possible.


You may not realize it, but we have our own Maronite catechism books.  We help our parish children understand their history, their liturgy, their church calendar and Maronite saints. 

We all realize that our children are often involved in many different activities.  These activities sometimes force parents to make choices.  We hope that you arrange your family schedule so that attendance at Church on Sunday and the time for religious instruction are possible.  It is important that our faith and our religious heritage is transmitted to the next generation.


The first class will be on October 1st at 10:00am.  We will publish in the Bulletin days when classes do not meet.



Rev. John Nahal, Rector

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